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If you are like most financial professionals, you want to get in front of more clients without increasing your marketing budget. We can help.

Megastar Advisors has developed an exclusive agreement with Media Minefield, a communications company, to help you appear on local news segments.

Working with Media Minefield can help you:

  • Help establish yourself as a credible financial resource. You will have the opportunity to share your knowledge on trending financial topics.
  • Reach new audiences. Your name and company will be broadcast into the home of anyone who is watching the news. According to a recent study conducted by data-collection company Global Market Insite, television news is the most trusted medium. In fact, 73 percent of Americans prefer to get their news from television.1
  • Go beyond selling. By appearing as a resource during financial segments, you can earn media exposure by sharing information—not make a sales pitch.
  • Share your messages and ideas exactly how you want. Because you are speaking directly with a news anchor, your message is your own and is delivered directly to viewers.
  • Lower your marketing expenses. Media Minefield is a free resource for qualifying agents who work with Megastar Advisors.

Watch the video to see media minefield in action



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