Tax Business Models

Engineered To Generate A Continuous Stream Of
New And Loyal Clients.

It’s a fact – add any of our Tax Models to your business and clients begin to see you as a trusted source for all their financial planning needs. They recommend you to friends, neighbors and family who, in turn, do the same. You get the idea. Building relationships over the longevity of your career – that’s how you become a Megastar.

1.) Our Tax Business Model Has Proven To Transform Careers.

Our proprietary Tax Business Model has transformed the careers of more producers than any other – including our own founders. Easy-to-integrate into your business, we provide the training, support, and marketing tools you need to offer basic 1040 tax preparation service through a subcontracted CPA or Registered Tax Preparer working under your company name.

Each client who comes to your office to pick up their completed tax return instantly becomes a potential selling opportunity. Meanwhile, you get the benefit of an added stream of revenue plus near-immediate growth in your bottom line.

2.) Learn How To Forge Strategic Connections With Local CPAs.

More and more people are turning to their trusted CPAs for advice on wealth management. As a result, many CPAs are open to forming alliances with local insurance professionals and financial planners to help their clients address gaps in their insurance planning. Our CPA Alliance* program provides you with the training and marketing tools you need to forge strategic connections with CPAs in your community.

*To qualify for CPA Alliance, certain criteria are required. Call Megastar for details.

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