Oct 12

Education Based Seminar Marketing Captures The Baby Boomer

Federal Seminar Overview BrochureEducation Based Seminar Marketing Captures The Baby Boomer

Discover How Megastar’s Education-Based Seminar Marketing Captures The Baby Boomer Retirement-Planning Market

While others in our industry claim, “Seminars don’t work… marketing is too expensive… few people show up,” we’ve proven them wrong!

Megastar’s Education-Based Seminar Marketing Program consistently fills events with 30 to 90 Boomers while generating appointments with 80% to 100% of attendees.

Download this free report and discover:

  • Why Education-Based Marketing is highly effective in building trust and loyalty with Boomers (heck – even Apple uses this strategy).
  • How our Multi-Tiered Digital Marketing Platform captures leads and eliminates the need to purchase costly mailing lists.
  • How our automated Seminar Invitation/RSVP/Reminder process and email system is seamlessly handled by Megastar.
  • How Megastar’s portfolio of seminar topics provides you with multiple opportunities to connect with Boomers.

Combined with comprehensive training, mentoring, plus cutting-edge analytics and marketing tools, Megastar provides you with a powerful marketing edge no other IMO/FMO offers.

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