Aug 17

How To Break Down A 1040 Tax Return

Tax Business Models - Break Down a 1040“How To Break Down A 1040 Tax Return”

You Don’t Have To Be A Tax Expert To Find Sales Opportunities In A 1040 Tax Return.

For insurance professionals, the 1040 tax return can provide an easy, no-pressure way to start a discussion with clients and prospects about the products and services you offer. A quick analysis will usually reveal insurance-planning issues they may have overlooked since they last purchased a policy.

Let them know the goal of the 1040 analysis is to help them understand all of their insurance needs – from annuities and life insurance, to disability income insurance and long-term care insurance.

Each facet of a 1040 form tells a financial story. That’s why it’s wise to ask for their last two to three years of tax returns including W-2 forms.

Remember, you don’t have to be a tax expert to use the 1040 to help boost your sales. This free Megastar report provides tips and clues to look for, section by section.

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