Apr 18

TSP Modernization Act 2017

TSP Modernization Act Of 2017 Signed Into Law

The TSP Modernization Act provides Federal employees with more flexible options for withdrawing funds from their tax-advantaged Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) account.

With millions of Federal employees throughout the country approaching their eligible retirement age each year, advisors should have an understanding of how the TSP Modernization Act can impact their retirement planning.

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    • Now TSP participants can make multiple age-based withdrawals from their accounts and remain eligible for multiple partial withdrawals after they leave service.
    • Retirees receiving monthly payments can stop or change the amount and frequency of their payments at any time.
    • Participants over age 70½ can now remain in the TSP instead of the previous requirement to withdraw their entire balance.

Keep in mind – one of the biggest problems Federal employees face is finding knowledgeable retirement-planning professionals who understand the ins and outs their Federal benefits.

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