Why Megastar

“How can you get me in front of more prospects?”


  • Founders rank in the nation’s top 1% producers.
  • Fully tested and proven marketing systems
  • Full service & support
  • Top producers for each program to mentor you
  • One of the fastest growing FMOs in the industry
  • Top tier carriers for you to choose from

It never fails – when we talk to advisors this is the first question they ask. Our answer illuminates the important difference between Megastar and other FMOs.

We can put you in front of more people because we focus on their needs.It’s called Consumer-Driven Marketing and it makes perfect sense for the retirement-planning industry.

Let’s face it – in today’s super-connected world everyone has the ability to research anything at the speed of the internet.

But what they can’t easily find is what they need most – knowledgeable advisors who can provide personalized solutions that fulfill their retirement-income goals.

This singular fact is the cornerstone of each marketing program we provide – to establish you as a well-rounded advisor who can offer the information, suite of services, and professional guidance they need to make crucial retirement-planning decisions.

No empty promises. No meaningless bells and whistles. No excuses.

How do we do it?

Through a fusion of proven Multi-Tiered Marketing Programs, unparalleled Advisor Training, and the most comprehensive advisor support and mentoring you’ll ever find.

While other FMOs take a one-size-fits all approach, we never put you in a program that’s not a good fit for your geographical area or your strengths. In a sense, we just don’t contract collect like many other FMOs we compete against.

We dedicate the time and work necessary to understand your practice and tailor strategies that will exponentially grow your business – now and into the future.

It’s about total commitment – on our end and yours.

Megastar provides the opportunity to collaborate with an elite group of marketing masters who continually rank among the top producers in the insurance and financial industry.

That’s why we only work with highly driven advisors.

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With Megastar, 1 on 1 Coaching is exactly what it sounds like. From day to day operations, to innovative marketing strategies and everything…

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