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MegastarIQ technology uses advanced algorithms that track your applications, leads, workshops, and appointments to provide you with powerful business analytics. Launching Thursday, May 20th.

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how it works

One portal to rule them all

A single all-in-1 platform for leads and new business tracking.


Track marketing campaigns

Track everything from your workshops, appointments, and social campaigns all-in-one easy-to-navigate system.


Submit new business

Streamline the entire electronic application process to help avoid errors and save time.​


View reports and analytics

Access reports and analysis tools to track your new business and receive real-time information on all of your policies.​

business reimagined

So much more than your average business portal

Want to be able to submit applications, view your apps, receive real-time updates, and track leads from one location? We’ve reimagined what a business portal can and should do for advisors.

Guided Business Submission

We take the guess work out, with a guided approach to submitting applications.

Streamline client process

Streamline your client process to eliminate unnecessary work-related tasks to improve the efficiency of processes in your business​

Real-Time Notifications

Our Dashboard has a real-time notification system so you can receive updates and notifications on all your marketing and new business.

Downline Tracking

Tracking capabilities that allow the ability to oversee marketing efforts, new business submissions, and workflows on the fly.

Smart Filtering

Smart Filters enable you to specify one or more search conditions to limit the features that are used to power your dashboard's data visualizations​

And so much more

If there is a key performance indicator you need, we can make it happen. Your dashboard is completely customizable to all your business needs.


Built for individuals and agencies

We built MegastarIQ to grow with you. Invite your agents and get a full view of your business


Invite your agents

Create a list of your downline agents and invite them to have access to your completely customized business portal.​


Track new business

By setting user roles your are able to control and track your entire team's applications.


Generate your reports

Create systematic reporting to allow you and your team insights to key performance indicators.

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Megastar Advisors is committed to supporting the top producers in the industry. Founded on the backs of industry disrupters, we're not your typical FMO.

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Our dynamic programs fuse the power of traditional and internet marketing strategies to fulfill a single promise: we put you in front of more people.

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