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Whether your agency is in the Federal or Private Sector, Megastar will white label our marketing programs, technology, and services plus help you seamlessly execute them to fit your business strategy.

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Why you should partner with Megastar Advisors


Whether you have an agency or aspire to become one, we’ll white label our social media workshop platform, technology and servicing team to fully help you establish your brand, nationwide. Additionally, we are proud to offer our wholesalers access to our internal agent recruitment services. This team works daily to reach out to some of the industry’s best and up-coming advisors and will refer agents to you that meet your agency’s qualifications.

Federal Wholesalers

For those agencies in the federal market, we offer a whole new platform specific to the needs of those in the federal Market. We provide you with complete access to our database of nearly 2.5 million federal employees, Lead Gen Technology, FINRA Listed Professional Designation (FRC), Educational Training Platform, and more… Without a doubt, no other FMO in the country can help build your Federal agency, or educational brand, better than Megastar.

what you get

All the tools needed to build your agency


From contracting and LLC creation, to downline arrangement, a lot goes into setting up your agency. Our team makes it as simple as possible!


Day one, you and your agency are able to offer your agents the full suite of Megastar’s proprietary marketing programs, completely white-labeled with your firm's branding!


Should you need it, Megastar offers all agencies the ability to recruit to their firm using our top-notch internal recruiting team. These folks are highly trained and know how to spot a hungry qualified prospective agent.

Creative Solutions

With one of the most innovative and capable creative teams in the business, you now have the access and ability to make your creative dreams a reality.


While sometimes a pain, compliance is an important necessity in any agency. Rid yourself the burden of doing your own compliance and utilize our internal team for this complex task!

Ongoing Operations

Every agency at Megastar will have needs for additional “hands-on-deck” as they grow. For that, we offer each agency the ability to utilize our coveted internal service and support staff to help with illustrations, product help, sales training, and anything else your agents need!

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Megastar Advisors is committed to supporting the top producers in the industry. Founded on the backs of industry disrupters, we're not your typical FMO.

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All of our core business models are built upon the same growth strategy – to establish your name brand as a trusted source for financial services within your community.

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Become part of an ongoing network of advisors where you can forge relationships and make contacts that will support you throughout your career.

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