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Megastar’s State Retirement Program is engineered to provide you with unprecedented access to three virtually untapped prospect markets: Teachers, Firefighters and Law Enforcement.

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The proofs in the numbers

According to a 2014 report by the Employee Benefits Research Institute, 36% of respondents were “not very confident” or “not confident at all” about having a comfortable retirement.

Many state employees will experience a significant drop in income when they retire, even though they may be covered under a pension plan.¹ Chances are a state pension is not enough.

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The Best State Marketing Program, Period.

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The Complete Federal Package


Become the state benefit expert

With a multitude of presentations specifically designed for each states pension plan, Megastar offers advisors a chance to become proficient in their states benefit system.

Additionally, our internal team is able to offer advisors comprehensive planning advice on each state, county, and municiple benefit structure.


Our Trainers Go Above & Beyond

Here at Megastar, we are committed to providing our advisors with the resources and guidance needed to successfully grow within the state market.

Having helped state employees retire for decades, our trainers help you be better prepared to provide your clients with the knowledge, understanding, and care needed to navigate their complex benefits.


Close more business

Ensuring that our advisors are always kept up-to-date on state employee benefits, our ongoing sales training gives you the knowlege and tools needed for this constantly evolving marketplace.

We have training materials that teach specifics on best sales practices, appointment setting and general closing techniques, but we tailor it to each employee wherever their state may be.

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