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By marketing through our branded educational company for Federal employees, we’re able to effectively micro-target thousands of federal workers in your area at top agencies.​

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2.4-million federal employees are eligible to retire

According to the U.S. Office of Personnel Management, federal employees continue to file for retirement at a growing pace which is projected to rise in the years to come. This reality has created an ever-growing need for qualified financial professionals with a comprehensive understanding of federal retirement benefits.
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3 Methods to access the Federal market

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The Complete Federal Package


Become the federal benefit expert

Our FINRA listed professional designation allows you to become the absolute expert in federal benefits.

The designation provides financial professionals with a strategic path for career advancement by certifying their expertise in federal retirement benefits.

Financial professionals who achieve this designation are able to demonstrate a level of knowledge and expertise that federal employees can reliably trust.


Our Federal Council Goes Above & Beyond

Megastar is committed to providing advisors in our Federal Program with the sources and guidance you need to successfully grow your business, year after year. That’s why we’ve created our Federal Council, an advanced market team providing knowledgeable support at no extra cost to you.

Our Federal Council Leaders have decades of experience serving the U.S. Federal Government in an array of crucial positions. They have dedicated themselves in helping our financial professionals fully understand the ins and outs of their complex benefits.


Close more business

Ensuring that our advisors are always kept up-to-date on federal employee benefits, our ongoing sales training gives you the knowlege and tools needed for this constantly evolving marketplace.

We have training materials that teach specifics on best sales practices, appointment setting and general closing techniques, but we tailor it to specifically speak to your federal clients.

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